How you get to the lake is probably one of our finest features.

We use Slate Falls Airways that has a complete fleet of 2 Otters, a Beaver and several Cessnas. We can safely and efficiently handle a group of 2 to a group of 12, all at one time. The Otters are all turbine and state of the art bush planes flown by competent professionals. All of your gear is weighed in and every plane leaves the dock legally loaded. IF you have excess then I fly it in on a separate plane or on a check flight.

Pick up day is not pick up day but rather, pick up hour. I give you your slated hour for the plane to arrive and more often than not we are within 10 minutes of that slated time. IF the weather, or something else, conspires against us then you may end up waiting a bit but that is the exception, not the rule.

Slate Falls Airways