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2018 Rates

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Year Round phone number 1(807)737-2903                Year Round phone number for Ryan 1(807)221-7811

Email us at Either Address                          or                  

Mailing address

          Summer Address                                                           Winter Address

                     Box 1420                                                                          20620 Bemis Lane

Sioux Lookout, Ontario                                                             Bend, Oregon

       P8T 1B9                                                                               97701

All Lakes



2 to 3 people >>>>> $1,590 each plus tax

4 to 5 folks >>>>>>$1,490 each plus tax

6 or more guys >>> $1,390 each plus tax

EXTRA DAYS if available are $135 per day


Miniss Lake  [July 1 to end of season] 5 Days and 6+ people $990 each.

[[Weight restrictions apply, check with us for details]]


Night before Accommodations

3 Bedroom Bunkhouse at airbase [holds from 4 to 8 people ]  >>>  $35 per person

Back For 2018

Couples special at Maskara

2 couples with both women at 50% off

*note  a weight restriction applies, check with us on details

 Humminbird Depth Finders [Please call ahead to reserve] >>>>>> $10 per day

Satellite Phone [Please call ahead to reserve] >>>>>> $15 per day (5 free minutes)

Food Plan Option >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$45 per person/day

Next Generation anglers [16 years and under] >>>> 33% discount

Guide Service [two day minimums]>>>>> $300 per day

Fly to the lake night before option [if available]>>>$75 per person

Fishing Rod and Reel Rental[please call ahead to reserve]>>>$15 per day

Discount program= save 4% on total price if you can keep your group of 6 under 2,400 total weight

Deposits is $400 OR 20% per person to qualify for an automatic tax refund and to guarantee your dates with us on your calendar are the same as the ones one mine! Deposit is 50% refundable in the event of a cancellation unless it was within 90 days then it becomes non-refundable. We will always transfer a deposit if possible.

Note * Discounts can not layer on each other.


Moose Hunting
Rates start at $3250 and various options kick in after that, as we customize your trip with tag combinations, licenses guides, meal plans, etc.  We now offer bow hunting with experienced calling guides available! If you are interested please let us know as far in advance as possible as spots are limited!

Call or us for details today!