The Border Collage, Slate Falls OutpostsComing in to Canada is not difficult but there are a few rules you need to follow or may face issues that slow things down. For starters, it is essential to bring your passport. IF you have a past felony then you need to call the border specifically and see if you are admissible. DUI’s are a felony in Ontario and any charge less than 5 years old makes you inadmissible but sometimes they will still let you in. You need to call the border and explain in detail your predicament and get an answer so that the border will not slow you down, or worse, turn you back up on arrival.

Rules at the border change but in general you are allowed to import for personal use, sufficient food for your trip, one bottle of wine or liquor or case of beer per legal aged person. 200 cigarettes per person. Live bait is not allowed with the exception of worms in bedding [not dirt]. If you have a specific border question feel free to call us and we will try to sort through it for you.